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Best Graphics Design Company in Navi Mumbai-Top Creative Agency

Best Graphic Design Company in Navi Mumbai-Top Creative Agency

To boost online engagement, we hear our clients and deliver excellence.

We are Parigh Technologies – one of the best website developers in Mumbai and overseas. We generate result-oriented platforms for brands to flourish. Being an all-in-one web design and Development Company in Navi Mumbai, our portfolio consists of an array of brands we’ve worked with. Our collective experience delivers solutions custom-made to help you achieve your future goals. We help build a lasting first impression. We are a bunch of highly energetic professionals united by passion, creativity, and innovation – we are Parigh Technologies, the best web design company in Navi Mumbai.

You get where we are going with this, right?

An eye-catching logo, Website UI, Brochure, etc. are like your clothes, shoes, and hairstyle, they help create a good first impression. It is like at the bar when you look at a person and go, wow, I must talk to him/her.

They elicit emotion and physical response from the readers that makes them share, follow, and buy (even come back for more).

And with your brand reputation on the line, there’s no way you can trust anyone except the best graphic design company in Navi Mumbai.

Step in, Parigh Technologies.

And it isn’t just our words, our clients agree with us. Here’s what they have to say.

What client's say About Web Design and Development Service?

Extremely professional and on time performance. Had no issues whatsoever while dealing with them. highly recommended.

Jitendra Soni

Affordable web designing solution in Mumbai.... Great work.

Rahul Deshmukh

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Why Choose Parigh Technologies : Professional Web Designing Company in Navi Mumbai.

Parigh Technologies is a leading web development company in Mumbai. Offering you a host of services to transform your brand, our expertise makes us the best fit. If you are on a lookout for the best website developer in Mumbai, here’s why you must choose us:

We are a team of skilled professionals possessing a decade-long experience in this field. Each website is custom-made by us and not just templates.

We’ve served over 50 clients and we precisely understand the web.

Your satisfaction is our top-most priority. Moreover, you receive a personalized approach and step by step consultation.

Our built websites have conversion-focused design and we also provide SEO optimization right from the inception.

We follow a systematic plan into understanding the business needs to employing the necessary strategies and lastly finalizing the project.

Our company is quality-driven and we believe in superiority and creating remarkable stuff so your brand leaves a powerful impact.

We take pride in our work and assure phenomenal user experience which makes us stand apart from our competitors.

Parigh Technologies Website Features

When it comes to website designing, not all gold is glitter. A flawlessly constructed site attracts more audience than the one designed casually. If you are looking for the best web development company in Mumbai or outside, Parigh Technologies will help you perfectly shape your brand. Keeping your business needs in mind, we develop a highly responsive and quality website. And, this is how you know what features make it distinctive.


Responsive Web Design

We are a top-rated web design company in Navi Mumbai. Our team creates fully functional and responsive websites that automatically respond to the user's preference. Your site will retain the viewer’s attention and provide them a seamless experience through all screen sizes, orientations as well as platforms.

Custom Layout

We chalk out a visually appealing and tailor-made layout that provides impeccable results, which will help your business to contect with potential customers, Because "First impression is last impression "


Website Development

Ours is a one-stop web development company in Mumbai. Not only do we provide a professional design but also sensibly structure each element for a user-friendly, bug-free and result-oriented experience.

E-Commerce Website Design

Parigh Technologies will be an asset to your business. We build such e-commerce designs that help the user easily shop from your site and navigate through the products. He/ she can effortlessly add the product to the cart (or save for later, if desired) and complete the payment process.


Mobile Responsive Design

Web compatibility is a must. Our sites render ease on several screens, resolutions, browsers as well as devices.

SEO Friendliness

A website that's not SEO optimized doesn't serve any purpose for the business. But, good SEO practices enhance your visibility. And, we certainly optimize the site making it SEO friendly. This ultimately increases your online presence.


Google recommends that websites must load in 3 or fewer seconds or else the viewer loses interest unless genuinely interested in the product. Being speedy offers maximum impact.



Invest in safety features both for the customer and for yourself so your future goals aren’t hampered and the customer puts trust in your services.


Edit and Update

After the completion of your project, you have the convenience and control to easily edit or modify the content on your site.


Contact Form

Interact with your potential customers using the contact form built on your website.

Parigh Technologies Web Design Portfolio

Process of Web Design and Development in our Agency (and why it works so well)

Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our web design and development process as an agency. Each member of the team works with dedication in crafting out supreme quality projects. If you’re wondering how we do it, here’s a quick look at the process so you know what to expect.


Step 1: Gathering Information

To start with, our first step is to gather all the necessary information regarding the client, understand their business and align ourselves with their goals and objectives. There may involve a few in-person meetings or phone calls. Even if we re-design, a full analysis report is prepared on your online presence, your competitor’s strategies, etc. This primary step is to know about you in-depth, after which the project manager takes over.

Step 2: Pre-Requisite Planning

Once we have all of the information, we chalk out the entire strategic plan, various stages, goals, costs, deadlines, etc. and provide services accordingly.


Step 3: Commencement of Project

Here begins the actual work – the project is initiated, resources are allocated, the experts come together and the responsibilities delegated are taken care of. The entire project is split into dedicated tasks along with deadlines. 

Step 4: Conceptualization

Wireframing and site mapping are what represent the framework of a client’s site. The client is constantly in touch with the project manager so we are open to suggestions. 


Step 5: Design

This is where we put together all the necessary elements that aesthetically may go onto the site. The layout is produced by a web (UI) designer and web developers to work in collaboration. They design both the desktop as well as mobile versions. Usually, the designer starts with the homepage, aligns the elements with the corporate’s identity and once that’s good to go, other required (if at all any) pages are then worked upon. 

Also, we even provide quality content/ copywriting (additional) services which are mandatory for the site to rank as per the SEO and marketable standards. 

Step 6: Development

Coming to the development part, it’s a time-consuming phase. Here, the site is developed and taken to the final stage of execution. Tasks such as PHP/ .NET coding, server realization, CMS development, etc. fall into the web developer’s sack. 


Step 7: Beta Launch

The site doesn’t go live here but is tested in the beta version to hunt down any possible bugs and fix those before the showdown. 

Step 8: Testing

There are quality checks, bug removal processes, and verification that each page and animation displays correctly. Our eagle-eyed team members thoroughly examine the site’s functionality and review whether or not the goals are accomplished. 


Step 9: Final Launch

To be the best web development company in Navi Mumbai, we’ve successfully delivered quite a few well-optimized sites that are running flawlessly and as per the client’s requirements. During this phase, the team ensures that all the glitches are ruled out and it’s time to make the final LAUNCH. Maintaining high standards, we get your site LIVE and also provide a 30-days free maintenance guarantee. 

Step 9: Maintenance

We offer the client an annual website maintenance service to keep the portal as per the current trends and upgradations. It also keeps your back-end safe.

Have something in mind? Want a Professional touch? Contact Us!

Here anyone can read, write & share short stories.

Parigh Technologies as a Creative Web Design Agency

Having an online presence made so much a difference in the olden days – when webspace was emerging and flaunting a website was a dream! Today, it is much more than merely having a domain name. If your services are great, your website must be too! We, at Parigh Technologies, have the skills and bandwidth to help you create an interface that delivers efficiency and strategies that drive in web traffic. We have worked with businesses from all sectors and of all sizes. Our creative execution has helped them expand substantially locking out a long term partnership with us.

Web Design Service

75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.”

An engaging website that has all the right elements placed aesthetically offers a sense of satisfaction to the customers. When they have great experience surfing through, there are more chances of returning or moving into further steps. Parigh Technologies is a Navi Mumbai-based web design company that specializes in providing customized and optimal website design experience. We understand that having a space that not only works but sells, is of supreme importance. So, you can leave it on us to create something extraordinary for you! Each design is tailor-made which makes the site 100% responsive and unique.

Web Development Service

“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.”

Parigh Technologies is a one-stop solution for all your web development needs. We make it easy for you – less clutter, more luster! Being the best web development company in Navi Mumbai, we assure timely delivery, quality assurance, utmost professionalism, affordability, and all-things-web. We help assemble, maintain, and sustain the site. Right from its inception up till the completion, it is our responsibility to ensure you have a smooth experience. When a site functions without any difficulties, your visitors are sure to turn into potential or permanent customers.

Collectively, several steps complete the web development process. These may include quality designing, content creation, programming and HTML markup, etc. Parigh Technologies is the best web development company in Navi Mumbai offering related services to small, medium, or large-sized businesses. So, if you have any custom requirements, we will certainly help you cater to those and stand apart from the rest.

Web Development Services We Offer

As a top-rated web development company in Navi Mumbai, we offer you a range of services that include, but are not limited to the following. We offer personalized solutions all over India.

Customized Web Design & Development

“A study found that 94% of negative website feedback was design related.”

We help you take your brand to greater heights and nurture your platform so it thrives amidst any level of competition. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are known as the most trusted web development company in Navi Mumbai. Your site will be fully optimized and in alignment with every screen size. We ensure user engagement, professional SEO work, a consistent layout, and Return on Investment through a systematic approach. All of the visual and technical elements are taken care of by our team of experts who dedicatedly deliver the promise.

WordPress Design & Development

“A whopping 33.5% of online websites are built on WordPress having a market share of 60.4%.”

WordPress is a universal CMS across the globe. It is highly user-friendly as well as easy to set-up, manage and update. It is accessible, functional, and also efficient. Some people choose to go about its fluidity all by themselves, but as you grow or might just want to focus on other important aspects of your business, you can leave this part to the experts. That is what we are here for. We specialize in WordPress design and development. There are endless ways to create a fully customized and clean interface along with robust security. We understand the in and out of it and can help you build masterpieces. Our team is available round-the-clock to provide you with a feature-rich and pleasing platform. Parigh Technologies, the best WordPress website development company in Navi Mumbai has handcrafted superlative and next-level projects. Each of these is SEO-friendly, device compatible, visually appealing, and fully functional. You can undoubtedly hire our services for your WordPress design and development needs.

E-Commerce/ Shopping Website

““66% of e-commerce visitors exit the online store within 10 seconds if they find the design layout unattractive.”.”

That’s not the kind of impact you would want to leave on your visitors. Your site must be powerful and conversion-oriented. So, we at Parigh Technologies, specialize in delivering the best e-commerce design services. We are the most trustworthy website developers in Navi Mumbai, so you can be assured of the results. Your e-commerce/ shopping site will be fully optimized and in expert hands. We provide consultation along with helping you design, implement, integrate, host, and develop a world-class platform. Your shopping site will be 100% responsive, represent your business identity, and promote products in the right manner.

Website Maintenance

““31% of all small businesses use a web design agency to maintain their website.”

To yield the maximum output of your website, we also provide post-launch maintenance. This must be an on-going process so the site performs best at all times. It includes the necessary updates, fixes, security checks, malware cleanup, speed optimization, backups, and more. We keep monitoring your site and provide you a dedicated support system. Plus, it all ensures that your site is up-to-date and consistently driving in traffic.

You can rely on our services – We are Parigh Technologies, the most reliable web development company in Navi Mumbai..

Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design and Development Service: FAQ'S

Most frequent questions and answers

We have a full-fledged team of experts to address the end-to-end web design and development services. We have a flexible pricing policy for both small and large businesses. To get an estimate, you can directly get in touch with us.

Well, whether you want to have a static website or a dynamic one depends on what’s your budget, size of the site, the team that’s going to be working on it and more such factors. But for your knowledge, static websites are less complicated, inexpensive and speedy. However, dynamic sites are more interactive. But, here’s a major difference – static sites have fixed HTML codes and the dynamic ones employ server-side scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, JSP, Python, and Ruby on Rails, etc.

To start with, we gather the essential information regarding the client and their project. Accordingly, the mandatory design and development process is carried out under expert supervision. We have a team of the best website developers in Mumbai to take care of the technical aspects and the best designers who ensure the aesthetical parts. Collectively, we lock the final assignment and deliver it with perfection.

Once the designs have been approved and paid for, they are entirely yours and can be used anywhere as you see fit. But keep in mind, that is true only for the design paid for. The rest of the mockups are owned by us though you can always buy them if needed.

Well, when we work on building a site from scratch, we may make use of the right development platform. However, we work on WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify along with HTML, Ruby, PHP, etc.

That depends on you. But you don’t need to mandatorily host with us. We can design for you right from the start or also work on re-designing – what may ever be your requirement.

Totally! We do have great offers in our packages but your existing domain name can also be used to create the website. We may just deduct the renewal charges though.

Yes all our websites are responsive website that means you can see smoothly  on any device with quality and functionality maintained.

We are the best web development company in Navi Mumbai offering services for both custom made projects as well as restructuring the existing ones.

Of course, we do. You can get in touch with us for any e-commerce assistance. If you aren’t able to send or receive client-related emails, unable to add a product, want to update information and more, you can contact us and we’ll help you out with the best possible efforts.

You can avail our post-launch support services at any point in time. Plus, 30-days website maintenance after the completion of the site is free of cost.

If you have any web design and development issues, you can send us your queries through mail or call us. Our expert team will be at your service. 

You can request us if you are looking for something particular. Other than that, here is our web designing portfolio.