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Best Graphic Design Company in Navi Mumbai-Top Creative Agency

Best Graphic Design Company in Navi Mumbai-Top Creative Agency

“94% of users leave the website due to bad graphics”

At Parigh Technologies, our goal is to arm you with all the skills and tools needed to excel in a cut-throat industry whether you are looking for a job, starting your own marketing agency, or have a business.


Don’t take our word it, even our students agree that we provide the best digital marketing training in Navi Mumbai.

What client's say About Graphics Service?

Parigh Technologies is one of best company when it comes to Graphics design and branding.i will definitely recommend you to try them.

Abhinav Rajey
Manager of Global Flora LLC
Great and Very Affordable services ... Nice desigs I will suggest everyone go for parigh technologies 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Ruchira Pawar
Owner of Trimurti Clinic

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So Why We Are The Top Creative Agency in Navi Mumbai

Pocket-friendly, Custom-Made Services

Say goodbye to confusing hourly rates and hidden prices. Our pricing plans are tailor-made for every budget and need. Whether you need logos or a complete brand package that includes logo, business cards, website design, etc. there’s a plan for everyone. And if it still doesn’t suit you, get in touch with us for a custom-made plan.

Timely Deliveries

We know your business relies on these creations (in fact, we just told you their importance) thus delays are unforgivable. That’s why we don’t rely on freelancers but rather a dedicated team of experienced and qualified professionals for whom their word is their bond. So when we say 2 days, we bloody well mean it

Unlimited Revisions

Don’t like the line at the top or do you hate the orange color we added? Or maybe you don’t like the design all-together. No problem, we have you covered without charging you a rupee extra. From the smallest to the biggest of changes, we put you in charge of your designs with unlimited revisions.

Not just your average designers

We aren’t just designers we are also marketers and thus understand exactly what your business needs to become a brand that engages and converts. Your logos and infographics won’t just look good but will be technically adept as well.

A 100% transparent Process

Don’t you just hate it when freelancers fail to respond even after days? Not anymore. Whether we decide to edit the colors, formation of letters, etc. we’ll keep you in the loop at all times. And in case of any issues, you can get in touch with our team anytime from anywhere (even at 2 am in the morning).

What’s Included in the Digital Marketing Course

Creative Logo Design

Logos are powerful, they speak to your customers. From the fonts, elements to the colors used, even without reading a word a person will know everything about your brand. And since they are the first thing anyone will notice on your website or packaging, it is important they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also technically sound (so they leave a lasting impression).


Brand Identity

Whether you need a rebranding or there are elements that need a change such as your logo, the brochure, visiting cards, packages, etc, we’ll take care of the entire branding process on your behalf thus giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Business Cards

Think business cards are dead? Think again. Just like physical paperback, they add a personal touch and don’t get lost in the spam. Plus, they are easily shareable as well. Not to forget, they create a sense of belonging between the employees. And just like our logos, we make business cards that are technically sound as well.


Brochures and Catalogue Design

Just like business cards, brochures and catalogs give the sales process a physical touch. In fact, they do better as they are more detailed with info like product descriptions, pricing, etc. in them. And since everyone isn’t on the internet, brochures are all the more important. So hit us up today and get neat, de-cluttered, engaging brochures that drive sales and are shared.


Website/ App UI Design

In a mobile-first generation, a Website’s/App’s UI is the backbone of your business. Design can affect bounce rate, dwell time, engagement, and conversion and we'll leave no stone unturned to ensure an App or Website UI that delivers the best user experience. After all, nobody has time to wait for your website or app to load. And, would you like to use an app with no clear menu or CTA?



Product Packaging Design

From the bags to the product boxes, tags, stickers, bottle graphics, etc. each of them plays an important role in building brand awareness. Depending on your customer base and the material of the item it will be printed on, we’ll decide on the shape, size, colors, etc. to best appeal to your existing and potential customers.



Social Media Creative’s Design

Social media posts with graphics/images can boost engagement by a whopping 650% as compared to plain text and are likely to be shared 3 times more. In the initial stages when you are struggling to create brand awareness, social media creatives can be game-changers earning you the followers, likes, shares you so need to drive sales in the future.


Web Graphics Design

Apart from increasing the usability of your website, a good graphic design will also increase its visual appeal and help build brand awareness. What’s more, it will also lend an air of professionalism to your website, adding to its credibility.


Invitation Card Design

Got an important business event coming up? Or is it an Inauguration of your business ? Either way, nothing like receiving an invitation card even in these digital times. Not just physical cards, we can also cook up eye-catching Whatsapp invites, email invites, pretty much any kind of invite you need.


Our Portfolio : Top Creative Agency in Navi Mumbai


Our Process (and why it works so well)


Step 1: Understanding your business

Before we begin your design, the first and foremost step is to understand your product or service and collect all the required details for the creatives.  This helps us decide on a number of things like the symbols, font, colors, etc. so each aspect of your branding looks professional, attractive, and speaks to your customers.

Step 2: Research

Now that we have a good idea about your process, we put on our thinking caps in order and develop a strategy on how to go about with the branding. This includes checking out the kind of designs that are working for competitors, the current market trends, analyzing customer behavior, etc. We’ll also give you clear deadlines.


Step 3: Sending you Mockups

Next up, we’ll send you Mockups of the design. For example, for logos, we’ll provide you with 4-5 designs (as agreed upon). These can vary from hand-crafted logos to digitally designed logos. The idea with each mockup is to have a fresh perspective but the ultimate goal remains the same, to never explain but identify.

Step 4: Creating the final version

Once you select the design you like the most, we move on to finalizing it. From placing each element with point accuracy, adding/editing colors to even something as minute as adjusting the spacing between each letter, this is where everything comes together.


Step 5: Revisions

The final versions will be sent to you for review. Whether you have 5 changes or 10, it doesn’t matter. We’ll take into account each and every revision and create the best possible design for your brand.

Client's Testimonials

Here anyone can read, write & share short stories.

Factors that go into a making appealing graphics (and why hiring a professional agency is a must)


Color is by far the most important aspect of any design. After all, a survey by Colorcom proves that 90% of visitors will judge your site/product based on the colors. Now, when it comes to colors, there’s no right or wrong, the objective is to find a color tone that appeals to your potential market For example, tech sites often choose a Blue theme as it is both modern and energetic. Ultimately, choose a color combination that does not hinder readability. Whether text, logo, or an infographic, avoid colors that conflict with elements like the background.
Pro Tip: If you are creating CTAs, a simple way to boost conversion is by making the CTAs more eye-catching. How? Just choose the color on the opposite side of the color wheel based on your theme color.


You might use a line only to divide the text and other elements but believe it or not, there’s a lot more to lines than meets the eye. Did you know that lines can evoke emotions? For example, vertical lines can signify energy whereas horizontal lines mean stability? And when you want to throw in a touch of drama or raw emotions, add in a diagonal line. Lines help create an organized and structured workflow and even help highlight important aspects of your design like the CTA.


Shapes play a similar role in evoking emotions and helping set a base for your design. You can either go with Geometric Shapes like a Triangle, Square, Circle that suggests order, control, or Organic Shapes such as Blog, Wiggle that create a friendly tone (there’s no rule with these). You can also combine both to create vivid, quirky designs just like Lyft did with their HomePage. In the end, the goal is to not confuse but relay information in the most simplistic yet unique manner.
Lines help create an organized and structured workflow and even help highlight important aspects of your design like the CTA.


If you thought alignment matters only where the text is involved, you are wrong. We aren’t saying every element needs to be centered or left-aligned but aligning the shapes, lines, text, etc. by the edges or in a geometric manner creates a calmer, more composed feeling that instills confidence in the consumers (as they say, you want it to be controlled chaos).


There’s no room for boring designs. Your brand needs to stand out from the pack and thus needs something polished, professional, and easy to understand. Well, that’s where adding contrast comes into play. Contrast can be created with colors or sizes. For example, black text on a white background or making the headline bigger than the tagline.


yourdesignneedspacingjustasthistextdoes. Having trouble understanding it ?
How about now ?
Your Design Needs Spacing Just As This Text Does. Better, right?
Well, don’t give your site’s visitors a brain-freeze. Always ensure that each element in your logo or infographics is properly spaced out. In short, let your elements breathe as they become easy to understand.


When you want to shift the focus of the viewers onto a specific part of your design, scale comes into play. What if I told you that.

You’ll first see this

and then see this

That’s how big a difference scale can make. So if you have something that you do not want the audience to miss, don’t forget to leverage the power of scale. Oh, and don’t confuse it with size either. Size means increasing/decreasing the absolute measurement of the logo whereas scale relates to the proportion of the elements in the design such as the text. Keeping in mind all these aspects means every design, whether a logo or a brochure, requires a great amount of skill and experience and unless you went to design school, we are sure you lack it. That is exactly why any serious business should rely only on the best graphics designing agency in Navi Mumbai like Parigh Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions for Graphics Design Service: FAQ'S

Most frequent questions and answers

Creating a logo takes around 10-12 days whereas creating other graphics can take anywhere between 4-5 days. The time a design takes matters depending on what you order and the quantity. Don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting an eternity, we’ll let you know in advance the time your order will take.

Simply put, unlimited. Whether you want changes to the color, a few elements of the design, or need a complete overhaul, we’ll do it all for you without charging you a rupee extra. 

We accept multiple modes of payment. From Debit/Credit Cards, Google Pay, to even PayTM, or PayPal, you can pay at your convenience.

Once the designs have been approved and paid for, they are entirely yours and can be used anywhere as you see fit. But keep in mind, that is true only for the design paid for. The rest of the mockups are owned by us though you can always buy them if needed.