Latest Trends in SEO !! You Should Know

The Google follows the complex search algorithm to rank the websites on their search engine result pages. The sophisticated algorithm consists of 200+ factors, which are still a mystery to many bloggers and webmasters. Well, few elements are revealed after testing from professional bloggers, but the others are still unknown to common bloggers. Also, the Google is too smart and updates their search algorithm every few days and adds new factors, which makes it easy for them to find suitable sites and hard for newbie bloggers to rank.

The Search Engine Optimization, which is the technique to take your web pages on the top of the Google Search Rankings. As the Google is updating their algorithms every few days, the SEO is changing with every update. The Google is pushing their limits with algorithm updates and adapting the new ways to rank the sites in their search results. In short, we all bloggers and webmasters need to follow the latest trends in SEO to take our sites to the top in Google Search Results. But, What are these SEO Trends that Google will use their Algorithm to rank the sites?

Here are the Latest SEO Trends that you have to follow and rank higher on the Google Search Results pages for your targeted keywords.

Latest Trends in SEO | SEO Trends in 2018

#1.Mobile Friendly Content and Structure.

Mobile Friendly Content and Structure


The Google is giving utmost essential to the Smartphone users in their search results. The Smartphone users are seeing the highly optimized search results, which are tuned to the sites that are best optimized for them. Well, there are more mobile internet users than desktop users. So, it is evident for Google to focus on them. The Google shows search results for the same keyword differently for Desktop users and Smartphone users.

To target the Mobile Friendly Content and Structure, the Bloggers and Webmasters need to make their websites Mobile friendly. The ultimate way to do so is to install and Responsive theme, which loads faster on Smartphone’s, looks better on Smartphone and gives best user experience to the visitors. That’s all you have to do.

Also, the content should be optimized in such way, that the Smartphone users will find it readable and formatted. For example, the short sentences are significant if you are reading any blog on the Smartphone.


#2.Featured Snippet and Knowledge Graph


Featured-snippet Knowledge-Graph SEO-trends

The Google algorithm is refining the search results by providing what users want without visiting the site. The Featured Snippet and Knowledge graph is the example of what Google is doing. The Google is fetching the necessary piece/paragraph of the content, which is highly relevant to the search term and showing it to the users in Featured Snippet and Knowledge Graph. By this way, the site is getting featured in snippet and knowledge graph getting more exposure and traffic than the other sites on the First page. That’s alarming for the other sites, who are getting less traffic than expected.

So, the target of Bloggers and webmasters in 2018 should be to get featured in Snippets and the Knowledge Graph. The Google sorts the sites and shows them in Knowledge graph by checking their content, Content structuring and formatting, Ease of Navigation and also the Click-Through-Rate on the SERP. Currently, almost 30% search results are shown with the Featured Snippet or the Knowledge graph in 2017. 2018 is the year where you need to concentrate on featuring in the Featured Snippet and Knowledge Graph, as they are the latest trends in SEO in 2018.

#3.Language Specific Rankings


There are many languages present in this world. There are people all over the world speaking a different language than others. Also, the same people are searching on Google in their native language. The Google already started targeting the local languages section by introducing the Native Google version for each country. Now, the Google is going to focus on ranking the sites that are in the native language of that specific country. Well, if you are a Blogger or webmaster who’ve developed a website which is in the language other than English, then you’ll have an advantage in 2018 as Google will leverage the Non-English sites in their Non-English Search Index.

That means, if you have a Spanish Blog, then you’ll see higher rankings for your targeted keywords in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. This is same for the other language-specific blogs. So, if you own a Non-English blog, then there is no reason to worry as Google will give you an advantage for language specific keywords than the English-language sites.

#4.Visual Content [ Images and Videos ]

Visual Content-Images-videos

As a Google user, we always love the visual content more than textual content. The Visual content appeals our eyes and makes us read more and more. Well, the Google knows that, and they’ve already started giving importance to the sites that have text+images+videos in the posts. The Google already implemented this, but now in 2018, the visual content will have more significance than ever. If you are writing just textual content and not adding compelling images to make it look attractive and informative, then you are missing a significant SEO factor.

The Visual Content will rule the Google search results as they are showing the videos and images in the search results more than ever. Have you spotted any video snippet from the post or YouTube while searching for Tutorials? Yes? Well, that’s what Google is doing to refine the search results page and give users the best results possible.

Latest SEO Trends to Follow in 2018 | Takeaways

  1. Mobile First – Make your Web Pages Mobile Friendly and create Mobile Friendly Content.
  2. Featured Snippets – Your Goal for 2018 is to feature in the Featured Snippets and Knowledge Graphs. Write Content that is Informative, well-formatted, easy to read and easy to navigate.
  3. Non-English Content Getting Boost – If you are a Non-English Content Creator/Blogger, then you’ll soon see your golden days in the Search Rankings.
  4. Target Visual Content – The Classic ON-Page SEO Technique of optimizing your content with the Images and Videos. Implement it now or see dropped Ranking in 2018.

That’s It! | SEO Trends in 2018

Follow these SEO Trends in 2018 or see your ranked pages go down to meet the devil. These are the best SEO trends in 2018 which are/ will rule the Google Search Results Pages one way or another. Preparing in advance by implementing these SEO factors on your site/blog will help you to achieve higher search rankings, outranking the competitors who’ve neglected these factors.