List of services that Parigh Technologies provides for a client include web solution, software development, search engine optimization and social media marketing. The company has a strict strategy to never plagiarize any content off of any existing online creative work, nor offline. Any company or website that might be found copying the contents from Parigh Technologies without a formal consent from the Parigh or their respective clients could be, and would be charged with formal complaints to Google authority and/or other legal actions; and the backlinks to that particular website(s) would also be removed.

Clicking on the ‘I Agree’ button at the bottom of this page means that a user has gone through the following statements and fully agrees to it. If there happens to be any disagreement between the terms and conditions we offer, the visitors are at liberty not choose Parigh Technologies’ service.

Through this document, ‘Company’ would indicate Parigh Technologies and ‘Clients’ would indicate the buyers of service from Parigh Technologies.

Introduction to Services

Parigh Technologies offers various development services e.g. website solution, software development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Each of these services are entitled to the respective rights of their developers, and licensed to use in permitted websites. The Terms of Use of the contents produced by Parigh Technologies states that a buyer could use the contents by Parigh in their websites or software. However, the T&C could change anytime and the respective customers are advised to periodically visit this page to stay updated with the latest policy. If Parigh Technologies find any violation of the Terms & Conditions in the client’s end, the company can terminate the rights of access to this website without notifying the client.

Right of Use

The contents that are developed by Parigh Technologies, are protected with a license that states these contents could only be used by the permitted clients and nobody else. Anyone without proper rights to use these contents will not be allowed to reproduce or redistribute Parigh Technologies’ contents for further monetary gain. If any such incident are found, complaints can be lodged with respective copyright authorities and with Google to take action against such violation of individual property rights. However, downloading of any contents for non-industrial private use is allowed.

Termination of User

Parigh Technologies hold the right to terminate any user from the company’s platform without any further explanation. Typically, if any policy breach takes place a user could be terminated, other cases that doesn’t involve a direct mishap to the T&C’s aren’t charged with such extreme penalties. Once a user is terminated from Parigh’s platform, all user data will be destroyed as well and they will not be passed to anyone else for monetary gain. Parigh is sincere about protecting the customer’s privacy, even when a contract comes to an end.

Restricted Access Areas

Not every portion of Parigh Technologies website is accessible for everyone visiting this website. The admin and dashboard panels are solely reserved for the maintenance of the website and its service, and the general users shouldn’t make an attempt to access. Any such attempt would be taken as violation breach, and the user(s) will be terminated. Also, each client’s information and rights are protected with their respective username and password credentials. Clients should not share their username and passwords to anyone, or broadcast any other way of gaining access to their Parigh account to anyone. No damage caused by handing over login credentials to third party will be entertained for a damage repair scheme.


Websites are allowed to backlink to Parigh Technologies. However, any link that’s beyond the direct control of Parigh Technologies, doesn’t imply any responsibility between Parigh Technologies and the third party website who created the backlink. Parigh Technologies will only backlink to third party websites or content developers once their qualities have been assessed and assured by the Parigh team, and once there are some form of business integration between two companies.

Content Monitoring

Parigh Technologies might monitor the contents produced by this company once they are online in some client’s website’s banner. Though this monitoring isn’t an active drive conducted by the company, yet this step might be taken at times to ensure legal usage of the contents. However, the monitoring could even be done to conduct marketing drives by/for Parigh Technologies for their own branding, within the permissions provided by the license and for the best benefit of both Parigh Technologies and respective clients of Parigh Technologies.

Trademarks and Logos

All trademarks and logos used in the Parigh Technologies platform are sole properties of the company, and they are not meant to be reproduced and redistributed, or otherwise altered with for monetary gain of anyone other than Parigh Technologies. Anyone found to be misusing the Parigh Technologies visual identifications, registered trademarks and logos could be facing legal actions.